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that manga about the fujoshi

so she’s like


and then this guy wants her to like him so he goes


please read this manga

im sorry but isnt this the really gross manga where the girl starts out fat and no guys like her at all and she ‘miraculously’ loses the weight in like one night and then all the sudden the guys are head over heels for her but she ships them together or something??? 

ok at least a third of the people who reblogged this post said this but I feel the need to point something out real quick

these three


are the “jerks”

they’re the ones who didn’t exactly bully her for her appearance (except for this one thing the one in the middle says in one page if I remember correctly), but didn’t pay attention to her and didn’t really care about who she was and all

they were simply kind of polite

they’re also the ones who suddenly started “liking” her after she lost weight, and it’s really obvious that her change in appearance was the main reason for their sudden change in the way they treat her

from what I can see reading the available chapters (especially the third one), I guess they’re not going to be obvious “jerks”, and are eventually going to start realizing they like many things about her that they didn’t pay attention to before because, well, they’re vain and they’re the “jerks” in this situation, as I’ve said

and this guy right here


he is the “nice one”

he treated her nicely before she lost weight (in the first chapter he gets worried when he sees her going to the infirmary after the incident during P.E.). he knows her from the history club, and he seems to pay attention to her and treat her like a normal human being (not giving him a cookie for this or anything, that’s the least he should do, since they probably talk regularly because of their club and all)

I am betting on him

and I can explain why right now

first, during her first day of school after losing weight, after those three over there fail to realize she is in fact the same girl from before, she starts to explain this situation to Mutsumi (that’s the “nice one“‘s name btw) and he doesn’t get it, because he recognized her right away

he then explains that while her appearance has changed, her personality hasn’t


when the other guys start trying to make her like them he is also there, but he’s like


no fucks given to the teenage drama going on around him

and because he was there while they were all fighting over her, when they say they want to go out with her he’s like “then… me too” because well why the heck not

he ends up tagging along in the weird harem date they go to and when she apologizes for being an otaku (as seen above) this happens:



and then the other ones look at her face, catch up and say the same (and this brings the “I’ve watched Evangelion…” moment)

what I’m trying to say is:

this manga is not realistic, seeing as she lost so much weight in one week and looked so different afterwards
the girl does indeed ship all the boys (cliché senpai/kohai moments and silly interactions between them make her swoon, that’s supposed to be the funny part)
it is cliché as hell
and those three guys are ridiculous for only noticing her after she changed


the girl never says she looks better now that she’s skinny. she even feels insecure on her first day because she looks so different she feels uncomfortable
she didn’t even feel bad about being fat at the beginning, she was perfectly happy

we are supposed to look at what those three are doing and realize it’s dumb, because their change in attitude is so blatantly obvious and we all know why

and Mutsumi is there to remind her (and us too) that she’s the same and that it doesn’t matter how much she weights or what she likes, what matters is that she’s a nice girl and deserves to be treated nicely

and that’s why I like this manga

I can laugh at it and I know who to ship

people like other people for their appearance. it happens all the time everywhere, and it’s really dumb and ridiculous
but there are people who like other people for who they are
I’m hoping this is what this manga will be about
if it doesn’t, then I’ll get mad
(unless some character development happens for the three “jerks” and they turn into some nice boyfriend material, that would be interesting too)
we just have to wait and see


together at last


Future Fish!★


i get so offended when people dont like my favorite characters

i get even more offended when people think they love them more than me

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